As part of the Authority’s commercialisation drive, the following subsidiaries or Strategic Business Units are in place:

Kumakomo Beverages
Production of bottled water in compliance with regulations in existence i.e Ministry of Health, International standards through the association of Zimbabwe.
Bottling water for other entities (contract bottling)
Bottling any other beverages

Livewater Boreholes Private Limited
The subsidiary specialises in the drilling, equipping and installation of boreholes at a commercial scale

7 thoughts on “ZINWA Subsidiaries

  1. Tapfumaneyi Magonya Reply

    Marondera Rural District Council is not receiving water bills statement from March 2020 to date and we are facing challenges on how we can make payments.

  2. tendayi chidyandunge Reply


    where is kumakomo located i would want to use their services


  3. bothy Reply

    Can you please design a portal where we can access our detailed bills. Also can you please improve on your billing system, it is in shambles


    Is Zinwa managing the treatment, supply and distribution of water in Harare. If not, why not.

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