Location and capacity
Cactus Poort is situated on the Kwekwe River, approximately 3km south of Redcliff and 4km west off the Gweru/Kwekwe highway. It has a capacity of 4 thousand mega litres.

Year of construction and purpose
The dam forms part of the Zibagwe complex which supplies water to Kwekwe, Redcliff and Ziscosteel. Cactus Poort was constructed in 1944.

Structural information
The dam is a concrete gravity section, with an access gallery passing through the dam wall. Access to the dam and gallery is from the right bank. Substantial concrete protection work has been done on the left bank downstream of the dam. The spillway is an ogee gravity shape. Originally, the dam had five sluice outlets at the river bed until 1988 when four of these outlets were plugged and a new 600 NB steel pipework was placed to enable downstream discharge to be effected through a Flow Regulating Valve.
Over the years, the dam has undergone several repairs which consisted mainly of improving the spillway freeboard, and improvements to the outlet works. One of the major repair works was carried out in 1988 which saw guide walls being installed on both sides of the dam in order to confine higher floods to the spillway area thus preventing higher floods from eroding the hillside at the ends of the dam.