Manyame Catchment

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ZINWA Catchments


Manyame catchment is among the seven major river basins that constitute the Zimbabwean hydrological water management systems shown in figure 1.1. This catchment sources in Marondera and drains into the Zambezi river downstream of the Kariba Dam and upstream of the Cabora Bassa dam to the northern part of the country. Geographically, the Manyame catchment lies between the 18.320S (latitude) and the 15.590S (latitude) and between the 28.740E longitude and the 32.040E longitude. The catchment also straddles over four administrative provinces namely Harare Metropolitan, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West and Mashonaland Central covering the areas which all drain into the Manyame river system. Mazowe catchment borders it to the east, to the southeast by Save catchment and to the west, by Sanyati catchment. It has a total estimated catchment area of 40497 square kilometres and is characterised by Agro ecological region-II and low veld climatic conditions, with good red soils from Banket to below the Zambezi Escarpment and sand veld climatic conditions above the escarpment. Figure 2.1 shows the Manyame catchment and its sub-catchments. Table 2.1 shows Manyame catchment sub-catchments, hydrological sub zones and their respective catchment sizes.


Topographically, the Manyame slopes generally towards the northern direction as evidenced by the direction of the Manyame river, which flow into the Zambezi river basin. The whole catchment can be divided into roughly three mains plains based on the spatial distribution of the catchment terrain, that is, the upper part of the catchment which consists of Marondera, Chihota, Seke, Greater Harare, the middle part which consists of Chinhoyi, Banket, Mukwadzi, Mutorashanga, Raffingora, Mhangura, Guruve and lastly the low lying Dande communal areas below the Zambezi escarpment covering the Chirundu, Mushumbi, Mahuwe, Muzarabani and Mukumbura. The upper parts of the catchment is 1 800 m above sea level while the lower parts lies 300 m above sea level.

 Manyame climate