ZINWA Offices at Celestial Park, Borrowdale

Thank you for visiting the ZINWA website. For more information and enquiries please contact us by using the contact details at the bottom.

Block 4 East Celestial Park
Borrowdale Road
P.O Box CY617 Causeway
Harare Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 4 850 132/149/179
Call Centre +263 4 850 066/261
+263 867 700 4339

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35 thoughts on “Contact Us

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  2. K sreehari Reply

    We are into manufacturing of DTH Hammers and Drill bits for the water well drilling Industry.
    Any requirement from your side do call us..

    • ZINWA Post authorReply

      It is not the borehole drilling companies that apply for Authority to drill, but the individuals or organisations that engages such companies

  3. LYS KUNAKA Reply


  4. Tricha Simon Reply

    May i please have the telephone number and physical address of the Chegutu sub catchment office

  5. Leonard Reply

    Please what are the payment options for water consumption. Our property is under Manyame Catchment in Guurve. Where can we swipe or pay online and is the ecocash code 52658 still valid

    • ZINWA Post authorReply

      Good morning. You can still pay using Ecocash and the biller code 52658 is still functional. If you are on OneMoney you can also pay using the platform. Dial *554#. You can also swipe at any ZINWA offices near you

    • ZINWA Post authorReply

      You can send us your account number so that we can send you the statement. As for payments you can pay using Ecocash or OneMoney. For OneMoney dial *554# and follow instructions. With Ecocash the biller code is 52658

    • Loveness Mufumi Reply

      Hi, do u open offices on Saturday and where are the offices in Harare cbd

      • ZINWA Post authorReply

        we no longer have offices in the CBD. Our offices are now at our Cranborne Workshops near 2 Brigade

  6. Leonard Reply

    Sorry last one you moved one of your offices in central harare. Which other office is around central harare where we can swipe

    • ZINWA Post authorReply

      We have offices at 9 Kent Road Chisipite where you can also pay. You can pay at our Head Office at Block 4, East Celestial Park, Borrowdale and at our offices at our Cranborne Workshops near 2 Brigade

  7. John kay Reply

    In the case your POS machine can’t finish Transaction at your station, how else are we supposed to pay for reconnection fee. I visited your post in Beatrice almost daily and POS machine can’t finish a transaction showing an error massage *UNABLE TO AUTHORISE*.

  8. Guineal fowl Residents Gweru Reply

    since before Christmas we are having water challenges in Guinea fowl civil servants houses ,pliz help us and other pipes are old

    • ZINWA Post authorReply

      We are working on replacing the submersible pumps that we lost on Christmas Day. Procurement of the pumps is underway

  9. Leonard Reply

    How can i get statement for my account. I am only getting smses indicating current balance and total balance but i dont get payment records

  10. Nicholas Manomano Reply

    I have been trying to reach offices on the numbers listed above, none of them is being answered. I have sent emails and none of them has been replied to. Are you realistically contactable?

  11. David Kavhukatema Reply

    Good Day

    I want assistance in borehole siting in Mash East Goromonzi Majuru growth point how do I go about it?

  12. Bukhosi Reply

    Good evening I have a challenge here with a payment that I made supposedly to an outdated merchant biller code Zimwa Nicholson West. Got the information after I had already paid. Is there anyway you can help me sort this out?

  13. Sunday Reply

    If one wants to drill a shallow well, does he needs ZINWA approval?

  14. Jonathan mbaura Reply

    Good day, in Gletwyn water harvesting has become rampant causing a lot of boreholes to run dry. Several reports have been made to your office, to the police including the Provincial Directors office but nothing has been done to stop this individuals. The neighbour hood is suffering and nothing is been done. Police have apprehended some, and released them at the same time. Khazi waters harvest a minimum of 100000 liters a day. Others have started mushroom ING around the area.

  15. Tafadzwa Reply

    Pipes connecting to my homestead were damaged by a road construction vihicle last week and i am now being asked to replace them. Is this how it works? Kindly properly advise

  16. Isaac Tshuma Reply

    Good Morning

    Please can you advise on the license application process and costing structure for pumping water from a river in an RDC for agricultural purposes. We are trying to assist our relatives in Umzingwane near Esigodini.

    kind regards


  17. Innocent Nhapi Reply

    Guys, can you please display your email contacts; not links which do not open? I went round and round looking for email for CEO’s office to sent an important invitation.

  18. mashingacharles tigere Reply

    I participated in the gwai shangani valuation for compensation but up to now i have not been paid my outstanding allowances why since october

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