Dam levels continue on a downward trend




NOVEMBER 17, 2020

Water levels in the country’s dams remain depressed and continue on a downward trend. The decline is consistent with the high temperatures that are being experienced in most parts of the country and stoppage in river flows. Continued draw downs of water from the dams by local authorities and irrigating farmers also explain the drop in dam levels. The rainfall activity experienced in some parts of the country in the past days is yet to have any impact on the water situation. As at November 13, 2020, the national dam level average was 35, 6% with Manyame Catchment having the highest dam level average of 55, 8%. Gwayi Catchment had a dam level average of 29, 5%,, Mazowe Catchment 42%, Mzingwane Catchment 32, 1, Runde Catchment 31%, Sanyati Catchment 23, 2% and Save Catchment 36, 6%.

In view of this development, the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) urges water users across the board to use the available water very sparingly and efficiently. Users are advised to constantly check their taps and irrigation systems for leakages and ensure that any leakages that are detected are rectified promptly. All raw water users drawing water for purposes other than primary purposes are also advised to ensure that their water use is in terms of water abstraction agreements as required under the Water Act. Any such use without the relevant water abstraction agreements constitutes a criminal offence and users are liable to prosecution.

Summary of major dams as at November 13, 2020

Bubi-LupaneGwayiWater Supply and Irrigation36, 4
NgwenyaGwayiIrrigation and Water Supply47, 3
InsukaminiGwayiIrrigation and Water Supply15, 5
PollardsGwayiIrrigation and Water Supply47, 3
ExchangeGwayiIrrigation and Water Supply19
ChiveroManyameIrrigation and Water Supply34, 7
ManyameManyameWater Supply and Irrigation54, 2
HaravaManyameWater Supply00
MazvikadeiManyameIrrigation and Mining61, 5
BlockleyManyameIrrigation and Water Supply16, 1
KaroiManyameWater Supply and Irrigation24, 6
MazoweMazoweIrrigation21, 7
Kushinga-PhikhelelaMazoweIrrigation and Water Supply53, 2
MtshabeziMzingwaneIrrigation and Water Supply24, 3
MzingwaneMzingwaneIrrigation and Water Supply2, 3
Upper NcemaMzingwaneWater Supply1, 8
Lower NcemaMzingwaneWater Supply1, 6
ZhovheMzingwaneIrrigation46, 3
SilalabuhwaMzingwaneIrrigation40, 6
InyankuniMzingwaneWater Supply34, 8
Tugwi-MukosiRundeIrrigation29, 2
BangalaRundeIrrigation24, 4
MutirikwiRundeWater Supply and Irrigation23, 1
MuzhwiRundeIrrigation and Mining26, 3
GwenoroRundeIrrigation and Water Supply17, 8
SebakweSanyatiWater Supply and Irrigation15, 8
ClawSanyatiIrrigation and Water Supply41, 4
WhitewatersSanyatiWater Supply13, 5
OsborneSaveIrrigation32, 7
SiyaSaveIrrigation47, 8
WenimbiSaveWater Supply and Irrigation38, 1
RusapeSaveWater Supply and Irrigation52, 2
RutiSaveIrrigation21, 5



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