Dam Levels Update as At 18 February 2020

State Of Major Dams As At Febuary 13, 2017


FEBRUARY 18, 2020


Water levels in the country’s major dams continue to improve on the backdrop of the current rains experienced in different parts of the country recently. The development boosts the water security situation for both irrigation and domestic water supply. As of February 18, 2020, the national dam level average had risen to 54, 7%. Gwayi Catchment had a dam level average of 45, 9%, Manyame Catchment 74, 1%, Mazowe Catchment 78%, Mzingwane Catchment 53, 3%, Runde 47, 2%, Sanyati Catchment 50% and Save Catchment 60, 1%. The national dam level average is however below the national dam level average expected during this time of the year.

Some of the dams that registered increases during the past week are Lower Mgusa, Lungwala, Chesa, Nyadire, Biri, Nyadire, Biri, Antelope, Silalabuhwa, Bangala, Tugwi Mukosi, Manjirenji, Gwenoro. Sebakwe and Mamina.

While the improvement in dam water levels is a welcome development, the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) continues to appeal to all water users across the board to use the available water very sparingly. All those intending to use raw water from ZINWA managed dams are advised to ensure that their water use is in terms of water abstraction agreements as required by the Water Act. Any water use for purposes other than primary purposes, without a water abstraction agreement constitutes an offence and offenders are liable to prosecution.

Dam Catchment Purpose %full
Bubi-Lupane Gwayi Water Supply and Irrigation 35, 9
Ngwenya Gwayi Irrigation and Water Supply 60, 2
Insukamini Gwayi Irrigation and Water Supply 53, 8
Lower Mgusa Gwayi Irrigation 72,7
Pollards Gwayi Irrigation and Water Supply 88, 5
Exchange Gwayi Irrigation and Water Supply 61, 7
Chivero Manyame Irrigation and Water Supply 58, 7
Manyame Manyame Water Supply and Irrigation 75, 1
Harava Manyame Water Supply 18, 2
Mazvikadei Manyame Irrigation and Mining 77, 2
Blockley Manyame Irrigation and Water Supply 45,9
Karoi Manyame Water Supply and Irrigation 24, 6
Mazowe Mazowe Irrigation 39, 5
Kushinga-Phikhelela Mazowe Irrigation and Water Supply 84
Kotwa Mazowe Water Supply 104,9
Masembura Mazowe Irrigation 100
Mtshabezi Mzingwane Irrigation and Water Supply 57, 6
Mzingwane Mzingwane Irrigation and Water Supply 4, 9
Upper Ncema Mzingwane Water Supply 20, 9
Lower Ncema Mzingwane Water Supply 9, 7
Zhovhe Mzingwane Irrigation 81,1
Mundi Mataga Mzingwane Irrigation 75, 4
Silalabuhwa Mzingwane Irrigation 100, 2
Inyankuni Mzingwane Water Supply 49, 3
Tugwi-Mukosi Runde Irrigation 42, 3
Bangala Runde Irrigation 101, 9
Manjirenji Runde Irrigation 71, 3
Mutirikwi Runde Water Supply and Irrigation 40, 1
Muzhwi Runde Irrigation and Mining 36,5
Gwenoro Runde Irrigation and Water Supply 29, 7
Sebakwe Sanyati Water Supply and Irrigation 43, 1
Claw Sanyati Irrigation and Water Supply 67, 2
Whitewaters Sanyati Water Supply 36, 3
Osborne Save Irrigation 50, 4
Siya Save Irrigation 68, 6
Wenimbi Save Water Supply and Irrigation 62, 5



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