The department is there to make sure that the integrity of the Authority is guarded as it provides water related services at a cost effective price to all communities in the country.

The section ensures that the Authority shifts towards environmental accountability as communities get more informed about their environmental rights.  Zimbabwe National Water Authority realizes that it has only one environment thus strives to act responsibly.

Its activities

Communicates a quality focussed statement across the board continuously for the wholesome provision of water.


Figure 1 Water of different qualities and justifying why we treat water

Analyses water performance information submitted monthly for operations continuous process improvement.

Conducts inspections of operations to establish extent to which quality goals are being adhered to.

Orders the stoppage of production or distribution of a product whenever certain processes are not observed so as to ensure that lives are preserved and that the name of ZINWA is not brought into disrepute.

Assist trouble shoot customer complaints whenever they arise so as to insure that the company’s integrity is preserved.

Supervises the investigation of efficacy of chemicals routinely or when new chemicals come into the country to make sure that ZINWA is not dumping ground for substandard chemicals.

Supervises the assessment of raw water sources for potable water sources so that the authority produces and delivers a quality product. Verifies technical support given to operations whenever need arises to insure consistent operations across the board.

Researches into emerging technologies for water treatment continually to keep ZINWA abreast with world trends.

Assists with trouble shooting process and production problems as and when they arise for consistency in product supply.

Anchors and assure lower tier operations when they are handling a disease outbreak to reduce the negative impact on human life and on the reputation of ZINWA

Supervises, regularly the compliance of the authority with Public Health Act and associated regulations so that ZINWA is in sync with laws of the land.

Monitors the operations to observe the safety,  health and environmental provisions

Oversees quarterly the observance of ZINWA with Environmental Management Act so that the authority is not penalised.

Advocates for the implementation and compliance of ZINWA with Factories and Works Act to insure employees work in a safe environment and that the authority is not penalised

Supervises adjudication of Environmental Impact Assessments as and when they arise to insure that ZINWA is not prejudiced when quality of water resources deteriorates.

Acts decisively to reduce the negative impact of water pollution threats by engaging Environmental Management Agency on any perceived pollution threat.

Represents the interests of the Authority whenever there is conflict with a raw water user so that ZINWA is not prejudiced.

Reviews the technical counsel given to Catchment Council on water resources protection to insure that water users are not disadvantaged.

Supervises regular raw water quality monitoring and projects so that the Authority is informed on the quality of the resource they manage.

Provides information or data to internal and or external clients to demystify water treatment, water bottling or sewage treatment.

Supervises the training of students on attachment annually so as to add on to the water sector professionals. (part of staff management)

Provides technical position of ZINWA to media whenever, the need arise so that ZINWA is not incriminated or the quality of its operations.

Represents or supervises the representation of the authority at inter-ministerial meetings on quality matters so that the objectives of the authority are communicated properly.

Its staff complement; who does what?

The section is there to implement and offer technical support in inspections, sampling and any operational activities that arise from the implementation of the relevant legislation and all the environmental regulations

Quality Assurance Manager – Ms Nyaradzayi Mawango

Quality Assurance Scientist Head Office

Quality Assurance Scientist Manyame Catchment

Quality Assurance Technician Gwayi

Quality Assurance Technician Manyame

Quality Assurance Technician Mazowe

Quality Assurance Technician Mzingwane

Quality Assurance Technician Runde

Quality Assurance Technician Sanyati

Quality Assurance Technician Save

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