National Water Contact Centre launched

National Water Call Centre Launched

The Ministry of Environment Water And Climate wishes to announce the setting up of a National Water Contact Centre. The Call Centre toll free line. is 0734 200 200

Play your part. Report any burst pipes, leakages or any other water related issues.

9 thoughts on “National Water Contact Centre launched

  1. Tawanda Tawonezvi Reply

    I am a resident of Chivhu Town. Water to my residence was disconnected without processes of notification and then disconnection. This actually happened after I had paid a third of the pending bill. My pending bill was 77.00 and early December I paid an amount of 30.00 torwards that bill. A few days after the payment ZIMWA officials come to my residences and disconnected water to this property by removing pipes connecting from the water supply to my meter. Is this the new process of disconnecting water when a payment has been made. Your response clarification would be greatly appreciated

    • Tsungie Shoriwa Post authorReply

      Thank You for writing to us. We greatly appreciate you feedback. However for your matter to be resolved in a comprehensive manner may you please send through your account number, the name of the person who effected the disconnection, your mobile or any other contact number and any other relevant information.

      • Tinashe Munashe Reply

        I feel that the user needs clarification only on the matter for how disconnections are handled without specifying his other details in fear of victimisation. is there no general rule on how such matters are handled. Also have my own case where I needed to have a new connection in the Northwood area in chivhu. I had to but 22 65mm pipes to cover A distance of upto 120metres. Had to pay the guy who dug the trenches and then I was only told then that you have a policy to work on only 12metres of the piping, hence I had to find a plumber to connect the rest of the 20 pipes and from there to my water access point (tap) outside. I don’t understand why I had to pay the plumber so much. Are Zimwa workers now only for reading metres because I’m not happy about how I had to sacrifice and buy my own pipes and pay for the drenching and piping as well. Is this the correct due procedure?

        • Tinashe Munashe Reply

          to add insult to injury, all the other homes around my area do not have the 65mm piping at all and they refused to allow make to take water from a main line much closer to my house. So please inform us on the correct due process for new connections, what we have to pay for such connections especially areas where pre existing water mains are scarce and if we are being cheated in case if we need to get legal counsel over the monies we spent and reclaim them from your departments.

  2. bailis Reply

    How are your. I am a resident in chivi district and its been 5 days now without water and no warning or any reason have been given by the water authority as to why we have such a condition. Isnt it one of the requirements to alert the residents as to why and when the water will be closed. Moreover its a holiday and christmas time without clean water and no idea about when its going to be available. They have a hospital , schools, police camp and shopping centre where they can send a word if there is need to close and the word can easily be spread all over the place from there. Its being done in other towns and it seems like our services this side are deteriorating.

  3. Dr S Ray Reply

    We have not had municipality water from our taps in Belvedere Harare since 29 Dec 2017. There has been no explanation other than what we hear in the media about no chemicals to treat the water. We have to carry water from our neighbours boreholes even for flushing the toilet which can usually be done with untreated water. When will our water be reconnected? Do we have to wait until the forex has been sourced to pay for the chemicals? Please give us information so we can plan our lives.

  4. Thulani Ncube Reply

    My name is Thulani Ncube a resident of Ratanyane village in Matobo district just after Maphisa growth point.

    May you kindly advice us as to whom can we contact in Matabeleland South ZINWA to discuss Ratanyane Dam construction proposal. This is an area with three rivers converging together in between the two mountains opposite to each other namely Ratanyane mountains. The proposed dam shall benefit Ratanyane villages, Simphane Villages, Homestead villages, Mashumba Villages, Dwaleni Villages, as well as irrigation schemes and agriculture.

  5. David Shoko Reply

    What the procedures required for one to drill a borehole in his/her yard? I own a plot in TRENANCE, BULAWAYO but i want to drill a borehole so that i can undertake my activities in that acre.

    Thank you

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