Sengwa, Nyarupakwe Water Supply stations resuscitated

ZINWA has resuscitated Sengwa and Nyarupakwe water supply stations in Gokwe had gone approximately four and seven months respectively without water, Gokwe Service Area Team Leader Mr PhilimonGundani has said.

Sengwa supplies water to Sengwa Safaris in the Sengwa Gorge area in Gokwe South District while Nyarupakwe is a Rural Service Centre with schools, individual households, churches and small businesses.

Mr Gundani said the Authority’s operations in the both areas were effectively grounded after the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) failed to restore power following the destruction of powerlines by hailstorms late last year.

A series of meetings between ZINWA and ZESA officials in Gokwe led to the restoration of power which eventually made it possible for the Authority to resume operations.

“At Sengwa, it was entirely a power problem. For about four months, ZESA did not repair the broken down power line citing transport challenges, among other problems. We engaged them and offered to provide transport in order to ease some of the challenges they were facing and thankfully, it paid off,” Mr Gundani said.

At Nyarupakwe, Mr Gundani said, the problem was bigger because it was more than just a power issue. The problem was compounded by the fact that the borehole pump had broken down and therefore needed to be replaced.

“Unlike at Sengwa, we had more work to do at Nyarupakwe where after we had successfully lobbied ZESA to restore power, we then had to install a new submersible pump to replace the old one that had broken down,” he said.

Mr Gundani revealed that immediately after restoration of operations at Sengwa,Sengwa Safaris paid $10 000 while at Nyarupakwe, one of the schools paid $2 000.

The Gokwe team has also been active in Nembudziya where an isolation valve was this week installed to help improve the water situation at Nembudziya hospital.

Over the years, Nembudziya Growth Point has experienced water challenges with the hospital being one of the hardest hit areas.

Only one of the three boreholes in Nembudziya is currently working and although the installation of isolation valves is not going to solve the problem permanently, it will at least bring the much needed temporary respite to the hospital.

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