Statement on the measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19

THE Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) wishes to assure all stakeholders and clients across the country that it will work to ensure normal water supplies during the period when the country is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

ZINWA runs 534 water supply stations and supplies water to growth points, rural service centres and small towns.

In light of Government’s current efforts and pronouncements in relation Covid-19, ZINWA instituted well calculated measures that are meant to reduce the vulnerability of its staff and clients while not disrupting normal water supplies.

As part of its contribution to the ongoing efforts to prevent the further spread of Corona Virus (Covid-19) ZINWA has put in place a number of measures that are designed to help contain the spread of Covid-19.

The Authority has placed sanitisers at all its entry and exit points and all visitors and staff are now required to sanitize their hands on entry and on exit. In addition, a register of visitors is also being maintained to help keep track of the people who would have visited ZINWA premises in the event of an infection.

The frequency of sanitisation and deep cleaning of the workspaces and premises has been increased and is being closely monitored.

All frontline staff members have since been issued with masks, hand sanitisers gloves for use while at work.

ZINWA has also decongested workspaces through sending the majority of its staff members on paid leave until such a time it is safe for them to return to work, while all meetings (internal and external) have been suspended. The same applies to staff travel outside their towns.

Tourism and recreational activities at all ZINWA managed and owned dams also stand suspended until further notice.

Clients are advised to avoid making visits to ZINWA offices and premises UNLESS the visit is extremely urgent and cannot be avoided or postponed. Those who visit are however required to comply with the obtaining safety rules.

Those wishing to make payments are encouraged to make use of digital payment platforms such Ecocash, OneMoney, bank transfers, CBZ Touch and POSB Mobile App.

Water production, reticulation, revenue collection repairs and maintenance activities will continue with minimal disruptions. This measure has been deliberately taken considering the strong need for reliable supplies for people to maintain the degree of hygiene required in the fight against the further spread of Corona virus.

Stakeholders and clients are further advised to make use of the ZINWA Call Centre and social media platforms for information, queries and updates.

Mrs M. Munyonga


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