Water Conservation Tips in the home

Very often, water users find themselves burdened with huge water bills which they find very difficult to pay. Have you ever wondered how simple habits and practices contribute to the increase in a household’s water consumption? Equally, addressing some of these habits can lead to serious water conservation gains, which reduce the monthly bill and also ensure that the limited available water is shared by more people.

ZINWA believes that conservation is the way to go. You can bring down your water bills by practicing some of the following water conservation tips.

  • Grow drought resistant flowers and lawns
  • Mulch gardens
  • Water plants only when it is necessary
  • Use buckets and not the shower when bathing
  • Fixing all leaking taps
  • Using water glasses/ cups/ mugs when brushing teeth instead of a running tap
  • Using buckets to water the garden, cleaning cars and pavements
  • Watering the garden early in the morning or in the evening
  • Recycling water
  • Doing laundry using dishes and buckets and not running water

Play your part today and help create a water secure Zimbabwe. Together, we can make the much needed difference.

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