ZINWA Save acquires staff bus

ZINWA Save Catchment has scored a first after acquiring a 15-seater mini bus to ferry staff to and from work.

The mini-bus, acquired under the Pungwe Project institutional development component, is set to ease transport problems for staff.

The bus will also be used for some other purposes that might arise at the catchment.

A ceremony to commission the vehicle was done in August.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chief Executive Officer, Eng Albert Muyambo applauded the acquisition of the mini-bus which he said will go a long way in improving staff welfare at the catchment.

“This development, I am confident, will go a long way in motivating our staff members, who for long have endured being ferried to and from work in vehicles such as open trucks and lorries. This mini-bus thus brings the long awaited relief to our staff members.

“The fact that this catchment chose to procure a vehicle meant for the improvement of the welfare of its staff is highly commendable. This spirit augurs well with the company’s deliberate policy to transport employees to and from work as a way of cushioning them from the effects of the challenges that we continue to face as an organisation,” said Eng Muyambo.

He said while the mini-bus was not sufficient to meet the purpose for which it was procured, its acquisition symbolised the Authority’s desire to ensure that employees are motivated and well looked after.

Eng Muyambo said management would always strive to improve the welfare of employees despite the various challenges affecting the company.

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