Our mission is to sustainably deliver quality water to all our communities (Rural and Urban) whilst making strategic water infrastructure investments that facilitate human and economic development.

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Design & Construction

The department exists to execute the following functions: Designing water conservation works such dams, pipelines, reservoirs and water supply stations Construction of all water conservation works such as dams, canals, weirs, pipelines and others Ensures the maintenance and safety of water conservation works Supervision of contractors doing PSIP projects Does…

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Groundwater and Drilling Services

Background Information Zinwa is a Government of Zimbabwe parastatal established in 2000 after the amalgamation of the then Regional Water Authority and part of the Department of Water Development. The Groundwater Department of ZINWA has been involved with borehole drilling since the early 1920s and has thus gained vast amount…

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Quality Assurance

The department is there to make sure that the integrity of the Authority is guarded as it provides water related services at a cost effective price to all communities in the country. The section ensures that the Authority shifts towards environmental accountability as communities get more informed about their environmental…

About us

About ZINWA The Zimbabwe National Water Authority is a wholly Government owned entity tasked with managing the country’s water resources. The Authority was created through the ZINWA Act as part of the Government’s efforts to reform the country’s water sector. Our Mission To sustainably deliver quality water to all whilst…

Water is life, Every drop counts.

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