Section 5 of the ZINWA Act spells out our functions as:

  • Providing water to the nation in a cost effective manner
  • Ensuring the equitable accessibility and efficient use of water resources
  • Minimising the impacts of floods and droughts
  • Assisting catchment councils in their functions
  • Providing technical assistance, training and consultancy on a cost recovery basis
  • Operating and maintaining water works in order to provide water in bulk to local authorities and reticulated water to consumers on behalf of local authorities who lack the capacity to provide this service
  • Undertaking research, developing databases and producing maps
  • Promoting co-operative management of internationally shared river basins
  • Advising on water policy and national standards on:
  1. water resources planning, management and development
  2. dam safety
  3. hydrology and hydrogeology
  4. water pricing and policy