Formely Darwandale Dam,Lake Manyame has a capacity of 480200 mega litres

Year built
Construction started in 1973 and was completed in 1976

Its main purposes are water supply and irrigation and mining. It is used to supply water to the City of Harare, ZIPAM college and Murombedzi Growth Point. The water in Darwandale dam is also used for other non-consumptive purposes such as boating and fishing.

Structural Info
Dam type: It is anearth rock fill type of a dam. Its embankment consists of a wide impervious core with the downstream section of earth fill and the upstream section of rock fill. It has a three gated spillway which is electric powered and has a standby unit comprising of a diesel engine, the gates can also be opened manually. The spillway has a discharge capacity of 2190 m3/s.

Other Relevant Info
The dam is about 70km north west of Harare and can be accessed through Norton via Robert Mugabe Highway where one turns right off the highway into the Darwandale road. It can also be accessed through Harare- Chinhoyi highway where one turn left at Inkomo turn off.