CERTIFICATE No. NAME OF THE COMPANY PHYSICAL ADDRESS                                  SUB-CATCHMENT CATCHMENT Truck Reg No. 181A Doncote Investments (Pvt) Ltd Doncote Investments (Pvt) Ltd, Mt. Pleasant, Harare Upper Manyame Manyame ABK 2527 181B Doncote Investments (Pvt) Ltd 2297 Bannockburn Road, Mt. Pleasant, Harare Upper Manyame Manyame Truck ABB 9301; Trailer ACE 9105…

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Dema project nears completion.

Mtshabezi Dam

The installation of a 140 m3 tank in Dema to supply bulk water to beverages manufacturer, Delta Corporation is almost complete. The tank will also help improve storage capacity at the station which services the sprawling area. The contractors, James North have delivered the tank and are currently on site…

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