Dema project nears completion.

Mtshabezi Dam

The installation of a 140 m3 tank in Dema to supply bulk water to beverages manufacturer, Delta Corporation is almost complete. The tank will also help improve storage capacity at the station which services the sprawling area.

The contractors, James North have delivered the tank and are currently on site with its installation already at an advanced stage.

The tank which is mainly going to supply Delta with their borehole bulk water requirements is going to augment significantly the reserve capacity of Dema water supply. This is also expected to trigger a surge in revenue for Manyame Catchment under which Dema falls.

Manyame Catchment manager Eng Justein Mapanzure is upbeat about the development

“It is a positive development for the catchment in terms of revenue generation. We will now be able to supply bulk water for Delta at $3/m 3. And as for the Dema community it is also a benefit to them as increased storage will mean more water to them as well” said Eng Mapanzure.

Currently the storage capacity for Dema is at79 m3 which is too meagre for the community. The coming in of a 140 m3 tank will more than double the capacity of the station.

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  1. godfrey chikowore Reply

    This is actually a pleasing development as it adds to the industrialization drive of the Dema Community inherently generating higher prospects for local, national and international business community. By the way what is the development plan for Dema in the short – medium and long run? Dema can translate into a periurban industrial hub.

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