• Promotes the interaction of the ZINWA and its publics, the ultimate goal being to create mutual understanding between the Authority and its publics
  • Acts as the point of contact for ZINWA during interactions with stakeholders
  • Serves as the custodian of the Authority’s image
  • Responsible for the Authority’s internal and external communication
  • Serves as the Authority’ mouthpiece during ZINWA’s interaction with the Media
  • Co-ordinates the smooth holding of corporate functions
  • Represents the Authority at marketing and advertising forums such as the Trade Fair and Shows
  • Oversees the Authority’s corporate social responsibility activities
  • Recommends to senior management public relations strategies
  • Promotes customer care

One thought on “Corporate Communications & Marketing

  1. Dr. Wasara Reply

    St. Tabeth Children’s Home & PVO Centre in Gokwe south (ZINWA CSR Borehole Urgent Follow-up)

    Please assist with Email and contact Names persons in charge of ZINWA Corporate and marketing communication regards to the CSR initiatives assistance for St. Tabeth Children’s Home and Midlands Centre Borehole installation matter since 2019.

    Who can we speak to its urgent its a crisis needs attentions asap

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