The department exists to execute the following functions:
Designing water conservation works such dams, pipelines, reservoirs and water supply stations
Construction of all water conservation works such as dams, canals, weirs, pipelines and others
Ensures the maintenance and safety of water conservation works
Supervision of contractors doing PSIP projects
Does engineering consultancy
Recommends appropriate standards regarding water conservation works and dam safety
Compilation of budgets for PSIP projects

10 thoughts on “Design & Construction

  1. Raison Kayonza Reply

    What are the requirements for construction a small dam in the rural areas?

    • ZINWA Post authorReply

      One needs to approach the relevant subcatchment council and get a permit to construct such a dam

  2. Lindie M Reply

    Please watsup me at 0027 81 256 5569.

    We need a quotation for dam rehabilitation in Makorokoro Plumtree.

  3. Davis Kanyama Reply

    Good Day

    I have a 58 hectare farm in Chitomborwizi (Chinhoyi) and would like to draw water from Biri Dam. I wish to conduct a professional feasibility study for this project. Is ZINWA able to assist or can you recommend someone??

    Davis Kanyama

    • ZINWA Post authorReply

      You can contact our Mr Nyikadzino on 0778 265 417. You can also send us your contact details so that our team can get in touch

  4. Joslin Ndhlovu Reply

    I have a stream running through my 27 hectares plot. Can l build a dam wall to make a water reservoir?
    Is there any need to dig to make it deeper?

    • ZINWA Post authorReply

      Good evening Joslin. It is legally permissible to do so but you first need to get approval from your subcatchment council

  5. Gift Dube Reply

    Hi, I hope I find you well.

    I would like to inquire about our community dam rehabilitation. This includes the dam wall rehabilitation approximately 2km long and digging out siltation that’s happened over the years. We need this work carried out before this year’s rains. Can Zinwa carry out repairs and what is the procedure.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you.

  6. Douglas Muganhiri Reply

    We have an old (62 years) dam which is heavily silted so much that it does not hold water anymore.
    It is Triangular in shape…..with base/wall at 120m long and the length/ basin at 200m…..originally the deepest part was 2m dam wall height at 2+m as well. Dam started silting 25 years ago.
    Now, how much does Zinwa charge to scoop and restore roughly this type of a dam….there are no rocks or vegitation to clear but the heavy that will require heavy machinery…
    Private contractors are asking unaffordable rates to reconstruct.

    • M Chakubva Reply

      What is the sub catchment Council for Ruya River are hospital obliged to pay for using River water?

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