Background Information
Zinwa is a Government of Zimbabwe parastatal established in 2000 after the amalgamation of the then Regional Water Authority and part of the Department of Water Development. The Groundwater Department of ZINWA has been involved with borehole drilling since the early 1920s and has thus gained vast amount of knowledge and skills in groundwater development in Zimbabwe.
The Groundwater Department of ZINWA provides technical advice on groundwater planning, development and management to the Ministry of Water Resources Development and Management and is therefore quite conversant with all the legal (regulatory and statutory) requirements associated with groundwater development in the country. This provides for the development and construction of high quality boreholes which meet the national standard on the Development, Maintenance and Management of Groundwater Resources currently under formulation


Borehole Drilling Authorities
Before a borehole is drilled, authorization to drill the borehole has to be sought first from the appropriate Catchment Council. It is illegal to drill a borehole without the authorization. ZINWA Groundwater Department can easily facilitate authorisations to drill boreholes only for boreholes it will have been hired to drill.

Groundwater Abstraction Permits
An abstraction permit is required before abstracting groundwater. It is illegal to abstract water without a valid permit obtainable from the appropriate Catchment Council. ZINWA Groundwater Department is very conversant with all types of the permits needed for the various situations and the registration required. ZINWA Groundwater Department would secure abstraction permits for its clients without the valued client going through the various processes.

Research and Development
ZINWA Groundwater Department is currently spearheading research in the manufacture of high quality borehole casing from PVC locally with the aim of:
making the borehole cost affordable ensuring that the quality of your potable water is not affected by rusting which could result if steel casing were used.

Borehole Drilling
It is illegal to drill a borehole in Zimbabwe without an Authority to Drill a Borehole. It is also illegal to abstract water without a valid permit. ZINWA Groundwater Department can drill boreholes to depths in excess of 300m and diameters up to 500mm. The Department has skilled and experienced manpower which has been trained by veterans in the groundwater development business and are capable of undertaking any assignment with very little managerial supervision. A field Drilling Superintendent and a Drilling Supervisor are mandated with daily field operations. Highly qualified and experienced staff provides technical and management backstopping. Boreholes are drilled to obtain water for various purposes:

Domestic Water
This has to be potable water and ZINWA Groundwater Department guarantees this. Groundwater generally provides good quality water suitable for domestic purposes. ZINWA Groundwater Department has been involved in groundwater development since the early 1920s as a government arm and now as ZINWA Groundwater Department since 2001 to date Borehole depths range from 40-100m but average 45-50m. Note: According to the Zimbabwe Standard for Development, Maintenance and Management of Groundwater Resources, boreholes have to be deeper than 30m. Borehole diameters range from 150mm-200mm. The most common diameter for domestic boreholes is 150mm.

Agricultural Water
Boreholes for agricultural use need to produce adequate water to meet requirements. This is ZINWA Groundwater Department’s piece of cake to give you quality water for quality crops and for healthy cash returns through:

  • Drilling deep boreholes to suit all your irrigation requirements
  • Borehole depths generally range from 60-100m
  • Borehole diameters range from 150-300mm. The most common diameter for irrigation borehole is 200mm.

Industrial Water
ZINWA Groundwater Department endears to providing you with a peace of mind for your company/organisation growth through uninterrupted quality groundwater supply.

  • Borehole depths range from 50-60m
  • Borehole diameters range from 150-200mm with 200mm being most common diameter for industrial boreholes

Institutional Water
ZINWA Groundwater Department, through its predecessor organizations, had made it its business to ensure sustainable water supply to schools, hospitals, growth points, government institutions, etc. We recommit ourselves to ensuring high quality services for the sector.

Borehole Construction
Quality boreholes are born from the way they are constructed. All boreholes are professionally constructed. High quality mild steel or PVC is used as borehole lining.

Provides structural support against caving and seals off undesirable groundwater such as saline (salty) water.

Screens provide structural support against caving and prevent entry of sand and allows maximum amount of water to enter the borehole so as to ensure high groundwater abstraction volumes.

Gravel Pack
Did you know that it is only ZINWA Groundwater Department that installs gravel pack in the boreholes it drills and constructs? Gravel pack is installed between the screens and hole walls and is very important in:

  • Stabilising the aquifer, preventing collapse of the formation which
  • would otherwise lead to low abstraction volumes,
  • Minimising sand pumping which would otherwise damage the pump,
  • Permitting the use of a large screen slot with maximum open area which allows high abstraction volumes, and

    Drinking Water Quality
    Drinking Water Quality
  • Providing an annular zone of high permeability, which increases the effective radius and yield of the well.

Other Services

  • Geophysical Investigations, and
  • Supply and installation of handpumps.

There you have it!! Gravel packing a prerequisite for a good borehole and who can best do it – ZINWA Groundwater Department

Water Quality Analysis
Potability of water is determined by its quality. Poor quality water poses a serious risk to humans, crops, livestock and the environment. ZINWA Groundwater Department has the equipment to analyse the quality of water both on site (at the borehole) and at its laboratory. We have developed working synergies with other reputable laboratories for quality control of our services.

Hydrogeological Consultancy 

Industrial Effluent Quality
Industrial Effluent Quality

ZINWA Groundwater Department has experienced professionals who know the hydro-geological setting of Zimbabwe in and out. The department offers hydro-geological consultancy services in:

  • Pumping test design, data acquisition and interpretation,
  • Groundwater occurrence,
  • Hydro-chemistry,
  • Isotope hydrology, and
  • Hydro-geological monitoring networks
  • and many more.

The Department has borehole drilling machinery and equipment capable of drilling various sizes of borehole diameters (up to 500mm) and to depths exceeding 300m in unconsolidated geological formations such as in Gokwe South district. The Department has relatively new high pressure compressors (25bar) which will aid in the expeditious drilling of boreholes. Equipment for borehole drilling range from down the hole hammer (DTH) for drilling in hard rock formations to mud rotary equipment meant for drilling in unconsolidated and collapsible formations.
The Department has, over the years, drilled thousands of boreholes for domestic water supply through the rural water supply and sanitation programme, Government Institutions, private organizations and individuals and for agricultural purposes, mainly for irrigation.

Referrals for difficulty drilling areas/problem areas:

  1. Jeremy Prince and Associates (Consultants) (Attention Messrs Israel Mvelasi, Tim Broderick: 747382, 747926, 747722)
  2. Groundwater Development Consultants (Attention Mr Joseph Njanike:0772688347/0712400936, 746771, 776584
  3. Binga Rural District Council
  5. Save the Children
  6. Tongogara Rural District Council
  7. Noczim
  8. Gokwe Centre Water Supply

+263 712 880 518

+263 712 801 268,

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  2. Felistus Kashora Reply

    What does it cost to drill to 40 metres in Bulawayo Queenspark West. What is the turn around time for your service

    • Nelson Sibanda Reply

      I got my borehole surveyed I have been advised I need to go to the City Counvil then I come to see you for certificate what is your charge

  3. Vincent Mujera Reply

    Need a borehole, Bangala area, Village 8. May i know the cost and payment methods. Whether a once off payment or any other possible methods. Would be happy if you can assist.

      • Bernardette Reply

        When are you resuming. What are your current charges for a 40m borehole. Is it in US$ or RTGS

    • Alexander Murindagomo Reply

      I would like to drill a borehole in Mashonaland West, 16 km along Norton to Chibero road. Roughly how much would it cost to cite and drill a borehole?

  4. Tatenda Reply

    Chinhoyi., Lomagundi College Area , we have a farm we want water for irrigation and domestic home use.please assist with quotation , my

    • ZINWA Post authorReply

      What is it exactly that you want? A borehole or there is a dam where you want to take water. If it is a borehole, then we are not taking any new jobs at the moment

  5. Josia Mahachi Reply

    Need siting and drilling of borehole in Copper Queen resettlement area, Nembudzia.

  6. Jaison Reply

    what are the current costs of engaging a hydrologist to make an assessment of the borehole yield, water tests etc

  7. Arthur Garande Reply

    I would like a borehole at my rural homestead in mash central. What do i do next?

    • ZINWA Post authorReply

      You apply for an Authority to drill from your relevant subcatchment council

  8. Musa Reply

    I need zinwa to assist me with drilling a borehole at my rural home in Jerera. What are the costs?

  9. Fari Reply

    How much does it cost to have a borehole drilled in Budiriro Harare. Do you have payment plans.

  10. chinogara patient Reply

    Hi, where can I find the sub catchment council for Beatrice area for borehole drilling

  11. R. Tapera Reply

    How much does it cost to drill a borehole at my rural home Zaka?

  12. Prince Reply

    Proffessional Hydrogeological Surveys and Borehole Siting 0775649304

  13. Nahid Khalpey Reply

    Hi I already have an existing borehole 49m deep. I think it was done 20years ago. I need to deepen it. How much do u charge to get to100m. I have the siting done already. Please contact me 0775778552

  14. martin masama Reply

    i need a borehole in chirumhanzu holy cross, machekano village, where do i get data on the feasibility and availability of ground water?

  15. Simephi Ndiweni Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I would like to find out whether you do the drilling of boreholes in Gwanda Stan more kindly assist me l need a borehole in Stanmore. Send me the quotation.

    Thank you
    Simephi Ndiweni

    • N Rup Reply

      Good Day
      I would like to have a borehole drilled in Crowhill Harare, can you please advise on how l can go about making a booking?

      • ZINWA Post authorReply

        We are not drilling at the moment but please contact Nyagui Sub-catchment council for your Authority to drill.

  16. Barnabas Masukume Reply

    How do I obtain a licence or authorization to drill a borehole at a school in Manicaland, Mutasa District?

  17. Nick Reply

    Hello. Can you make a recommendation for someone able to carry out a professional (i.e. scientific – ultrasound etc, not dowsing/divining) geophysical/hydro survey for best siting of a borehole at a rural stand near Rusape? thanks.

  18. ncube kc Reply

    l need a borehole at matopo north area for a group of plwhiv give a quote

  19. Philip Shusha Reply

    When are you resuming drilling activities?.i want you to come and drill a borehole for me in churumhanzu district.

  20. Joyce Zichawo Reply

    How do I obtain a drilling authority licence to have a borehole drilled at my residence in Crowhill and what are the costs?Thank you

    • ZINWA Post authorReply

      You approach your sub-catchment council which in this case in Nyagu-Subcatchment. You can call their manager, Russell Ndoro on 0773411880

  21. Noah Reply

    How do I obtain a drilling authority licence to have a borehole drilled at my residence in Fidelity Park, Manresa and what are the costs?Thank you

  22. michelle Reply

    looking at pricing for drilling approximately 50m in plumtree. Even if not drilling at the moment looking at pricing, please assist

  23. Grace Reply

    I need a borehole: siting and drilling in Dora eastate Mutare. Do I need permit. How do I get it. Can I contract any company to do the work.

    • ZINWA Post authorReply

      Yes you can get a company to the borehole siting and drilling for you. However you have to approach your subcatchment council first and apply for an Authority to Drill

  24. Patrick Manjiche Reply

    Thanks for all this invaluable information about siting, drilling &installing boreholes for different requirements. Will u pliz let me know by email as soon as u are ready to start drilling after the lockdowns & restrictions. We have a 2 hectare plot in Toronto area near Christmas Pass & would like a quotation & ultimately a borehole drilled there for our market gardening & domestic consumption purposes.

  25. Douglas Reply

    How much do you normally charge for a 40m deep borehole?Just give me a rough amount if you don’t have a specific charge per metre.

  26. Douglas Reply

    How much do you normally charge for a 40m deep borehole?A rough one.

  27. Thomas Reply

    May you give the quotations of drilling water in Gokwe 8 km from Gokwe Centre, near Sasame primary school

  28. T NGWENYA Reply

    Good day can i have a quotation for siting and drilling a borehole in Silobela Area in MIDLANDS Province. Distance from Kwekwe town is 80KM. Kindly also include all the related costs to have a functional borehole in place.

    Ngwenya T

  29. Agrippa Reply

    Please can I get a quote for citing and drilling a borehole in Chinembiri Villager Makoni South District.
    Your whatsapp chat is not attended to. I hope I get response on here

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