Technology is dictating the pace at which business is conducted. It is shaping lives and with each day comes new inventions and technologies  aimed at altering the way business is conducted all for the better. The ICT department is always on the fore researching ways to improve communication within the authority in order for the authority to competitively deliver outstanding products and services to meet consumer demand. The following are the projects on the cards;

1. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

2. Video Conferencing

3. User training

The ICT department will train all users to effectively utilize all the computing resources within the authority such as internet, email, printers, networks among other. The training will be based on the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) syllabus which covers the following;

  1. Introduction to computers
  2. file and folder  management – navigating the windows system, creating files, managing files and folders.
  3. word processing – creating professional documents with Microsoft Word, creating templates, emailing from Microsoft Word, using clip arts, pictures, etc
  4. spreadsheets – using Microsoft Excel, formulas, creating charts, pie charts to present data
  5. databases – using Microsoft Access to create and manage databases, create queries, etc
  6. presentations – create professional presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint to present data, slide shows, etc
  7. email  – learn how to use email, compose messages, attach files, use CC and BCC, email signatures, create rules to combat spam using webmail and Microsoft Outlook
  8. internet – learn how to use the internet to search, communicate, participate in online activities, etc

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