Honourable Oppah Muchinguri: New water minister

Following a cabinet reshuffle by President Robert Mugabe recently, former Higher and Tertiary education, Science and Technology Development Minister, Honourable Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri was appointed Minister of Environment, Water and Climate replacing Honourable Saviour Kasukuwere who is now the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.

Honourable Muchinguri-Kashiri boasts of a wealth of experience in public service having served in different capacities in Government since independence.

She was the Deputy Minister twice, first of External Affairs between 1989 and 1993 and of Environment and Tourism between 1993 and 1997. Honourable Muchinguri served as the resident Minister for Manicaland Province between 2000 and 2003 before being appointed Minister of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development in 2005.

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  1. Percy Reply

    Dear Minister Muchinguri, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management (ZimParks), and the Endangered Species Import and Export management Office of the People’s Republic of China:

    I am horrified by Zimbabwe’s ongoing practice of capturing wild elephants and exporting them to Chinese zoos.

    Capturing and shipping wild elephants is morally reprehensible and devastating from an animal welfare perspective. There is a high rate of death during capture and transport, babies are separated from their mothers and deprived of their mothers’ milk, and the animals live in quarantine for long periods of time once they reach their destination. If the animals survive, they will likely endure abuse and languish in misery for the rest of their lives. A 2015 National Geographic report showed that elephants shipped from Zimbabwe to China were suffering from extreme distress, severe injuries, and neglect.

    In the wild, it is natural for elephants to travel up to 30 miles per day, bathe in rivers, forage for food, roll in the mud, and play. It is impossible for elephants to express these behaviors in captivity.

    Elephants are highly intelligent, sensitive creatures that share lifelong family bonds. Mothers and infants who have been separated as a result of human interference recognize one another many years later and show signs of love and affection. It is an outrageously cruel act to rip families of elephants apart and force them into a totally unnatural existence.

    It truly breaks my heart to imagine the suffering these elephants endure – both those who are shipped into captivity and their family members who are left behind in the wild to grieve.

    I request that Zimbabwe stops capturing and exporting its elephants under the guise of conservation, and instead invests resources in maintaining elephant safety and elephants’ natural habitat. Please take measures to join the African Elephant Coalition – an alliance of 29 countries that have proposed a ban on the export of African elephants outside their natural range.

    I also request that China stop demanding wild elephants for the purpose of human exploitation.

    I, and millions of people around the world, no longer want to see these magnificent creatures suffer in captivity.

    Thank you for your consideration.



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