Invitation To International Tender For The Development Of Water Infrastructure In Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe is situated in central Southern Africa and most of its land is on plateau between 1,200m and 1,600m above sea level. This gives it a relatively mild subtropical climate with seasonal rainfall. The climate is strongly influenced by the Intertropical Convergence Zone which develops as a result of collision of warm moist air masses from the north and cool air masses from the south, resulting in the main rainfall season. The main rainfall season is from mid-October to end of March.

Zimbabwe is endowed with abundant human and natural resources which are interdependent. The economy is heavily reliant on agriculture and water resources which make its strength and stability to be linked to the climate and particularly the state of the country’s water resources.

Climate change and rainfall variability is a phenomenon which shall continue to have an impact on the country. In order to mitigate against these impacts, the Government of Zimbabwe intends to develop water infrastructure in partnerships with the Private Sector on the basis of a Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) model.

Pursuant to this objective, potential investors in the form of individuals, partners or companies, are invited to tender for the available water infrastructure projects on offer. All technical feasibility studies and determination of project bankability shall be at the potential investor’s cost and part of the Governments role shall be to supervise the studies for feasibility and bankability including the implementation of the infrastructure. The Government shall also be responsible for land acquisition and maintenance of the servitude for the water infrastructure.

The following water infrastructure projects are available for tendering:

  1. Kondo-ChitoweChisumbanje Irrigation Project
  2. Kudu Dam and Irrigation Project
  3. Muda-NyatsimeChitungwiza Water Supply Project
  4. National Matebeleland Zambezi Water Supply Project
  5. Tuli-Moswa Water Supply and Irrigation Project
  6. Nyatana Dam
  7. Glassblock Bulawayo Water Supply Project
  8. RundeTende Dam and Irrigation Project
  9. Gwayi-Tshangani Dam
  10. Semwa Dam
  11. Tuli-Manyange dam
  12. Bindura Dam
  13. Dande Dam and Tunnel
  14. Chivhu Dam
  15. Silverstroom Dam
  16. Rehabilitation of Harare Water Supply
  17. Gache-Gache Harare Chegutu Water Supply
  18. TemaTeme dam, and
  19. Nande Dam

The details for the projects and other details can be found in a Bidding Document and Project Prospectus to be obtained after paying a non-refundable fee of US$10.00 from:

                The Acting Chief Executive Officer

            Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA)

            Block 4 East

            Celestial Park

            Borrowdale Road


The Project Prospectus can also be downloaded from the ZINWA website.

The Government of Zimbabwe shall be responsible for oversight during the planning, implementation and tenure of the concession until handover of the project. Over and above this responsibility, the Government of Zimbabwe shall facilitate the repatriation of investor proceeds during the tenure of the concession to whatever destination and wherever the investor wants.

Furthermore, as the Government plays an important role in creating a conducive and incentivised environment in the programme it shall also do the following to improve the cost of this BOOT arrangement.

  1. National Project Status Approval.

The National Project Status Approval (NPS) will enable the concession holder to import plant and equipment on temporary import basis and duty free so that equipment and plant can be re-exported after the completion of the project construction and NOT at the end of concession.

  • Rebate on Company Income Tax and Income tax for Expatriate

Rebate on Company and Expatriates Income tax will have a reduction effect on the cost of the project.

  • The Investor to Retain the Dam Servitudes

The dam servitudes which comprise all the activities that are undertaken by National Parks will be under the concession holder in order to increase their revenue stream and hence increase project viability to the funders. This includes the land in and around the dam, development of tourism and marine activities.

However, the Government institutions namely ZINWA,Zimparks, EMA and Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Developmentwill still remain the regulators.

  • Payment of Royalties

Confession Holders will still maintain the payment of respective royalties to regulators that maintain the statutory requirements of the Government in order to ensure the safety and quality of the project.

  • Intellectual Property Rights and Designs

All the Design Reports that is, preliminary, feasibility, full design, geological and hydrological reports, should be lodged with the Ministry of Lands , Agriculture, Water ,Climate and Rural Resettlement and ZINWA. These will become a national intellectual property of the Government of Zimbabwe.

The roles of the Government of Zimbabwe and the Investor during the implementation and the operation of the water infrastructure are also outlined in the Project Prospectus.

The deadline for submission of Tenders is at 1000 hours on 03 May 2019.

Tenderers must submit three copies of proposals in sealed envelopes clearly marked: “Water      Infrastructure            Development, Tender Number: DWD/INFRASTRUCTURE/DEV/01/2019”, to the abovementioned address and drop them in the tender box at the Zimbabwe National Water Authority Reception on or before 1000hrs of the closing date.’’

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