Growth Center Water and Sanitation Improvements

 This component will finance investments for water supply rehabilitation and upgrading in 7 growth centers (one per ZINWA catchment). In 2014 ZINWA prepared detailed designs, EIAs and bidding documents, with the help of consultants. This followed a needs assessment of 50 out of the over 538 stations that are owned and managed by ZINWA.  However, of late some of the local authorities have planned more stands and in some areas some of the works initially earmarked for the project have been completed or advanced. Thus there will be need to update and complete designs, Bills of Quantities (BOQs), tender documents and preliminary Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs). ZINWA has agreed to do this by June 30, 2015.

The most important consideration for selection of priority stations is to address underserved areas where mostly the poor live, including where new communities have come up, or schools and clinics and other public institutions that need a supply of good, safe water. Practical considerations were also factored in such as the readiness of ZINWA designs, priority stations needing attention particularly for expansion of networks, as well as taking into consideration ZINWA’s own recommendations. Financial and economic viability was also taken into account. The seven project growth centers and the catchment in brackets are; Guruve (in Manyame catchment), Gutu (Runde), Lupane (Gwayi), Madziwa (Mazowe), Mataga (Mzingwane), Nembudziya (Sanyati) and Zimunya (Save) as shown in figure 1 below.

Investments will include expansion and rehabilitation of water treatment works, boreholes, transmission mains, storage and service reservoirs, distribution system, connections and meter installation and replacement. The works will also include minimal works to restore operation of the wastewater treatment systems in the project areas.  The works planned will include clearing and desludging, repairs of inlet works and fencing and operators facilities. The investments are estimated at about US$ 14 million.

Follow the links below to view images for the project area.

Guruve Water Supply Station (in Manyame catchment),
Gutu Water Supply Station (Runde),
Lupane Water Supply Station (Gwayi),
Madziwa Water Supply Stattion (Mazowe),
Mataga Water Supply Station (Mzingwane),
Nembudziya Water Supply Station(Sanyati)
Zimunya Water Supply Station (Save)

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