State of major dams and water supply situation as at February 27 2017

The country’s dams continue to record significant increases as a result of the torrential rains being received across the country. The majority of the major dams monitored by ZINWA are now full and spilling. Major gains have been recorded in dams such as Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam which is now 49% full, Mzingwane Dam which is now full and Inyankuni which is now 74, 5%. As of February 27, the national dam level average stood at 71, 5% up from 65, 5%. The increasing number of spilling dams raises the risk of flooding in areas downstream of such dams. The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) will continue monitoring the situation at all the dams with particular attention being given to dams such as Manyuchi (125%), Ngezi (141, 8%), Makwi (117%), Tokwane (108%) and Amapongokwe (109%). Communities downstream of these dams should exercise extreme caution when crossing rivers and should ensure that all irrigation equipment in the rivers is secured or removed to avoid damage or loss.

Below is the summary of the state of major dams as of February 27, 2017:

Dam Catchment Purpose %full
Bubi-Lupane Gwayi Irrigation and Water Supply 104
Exchange Gwayi Irrigation and Water Supply 100
Khami Gwayi Irrigation 90,5
Insukamini Gwayi Irrigation and Water Supply 119, 3
Lower Mgusa Gwayi Irrigation 111, 3
Chivero Manyame Irrigation and Water Supply 103,2
Manyame Manyame Water Supply and Irrigation 98, 7
Mazvikadei Manyame Irrigation and Mining 104, 4
Blockely Manyame Irrigation and Water Supply 65
Karoi Manyame Water Supply and Irrigation 100
Mazowe Mazowe Irrigation 79,2
Nyambuya Mazowe Irrigation and Water Supply 100
Rufaro Mazowe Water Supply 100
Kushinga-Phikhelela Mazowe Irrigation and Water Supply 101
Mtshabezi Mzingwane Irrigation and Water Supply 106, 8
Zhovhe Mzingwane Irrigation 106,6
Upper Ncema Mzingwane Water Supply 112,9
Lower Ncema Mzingwane Water Supply 110,3
Inyankuni Mzingwane Water Supply 74,5
Mundi-Mataga Mzingwane Irrigation 115, 7
Manyuchi Mzingwane Irrigation 125
Bangala Runde Irrigation 105,3
Tokwe-Mukorsi Runde Irrigation 49
Amapongokwe Runde Irrigation 112
Muzhwi Runde Irrigation and Mining 129, 4
Mutirikwi Runde Irrigation and Water Supply 25,2
Manjirenji Runde Irrigation 60,3
Mushandike Runde Irrigation 56,5
Sebakwe Sanyati Water Supply and Irrigation 117,2
Whitewaters Sanyati Water Supply 100,3
Claw Sanyati Irrigation and Water Supply 98,2
Osborne Save Irrigation 56,5
Siya Save Irrigation 61,9
Wenimbi Save Water Supply and Irrigation 102,1
Rusape Save Water Supply and Irrigation 100, 2
Ruti Save Irrigation 90,3


Water Supply Situation

The current rains have also severely affected service delivery in a number of places where ZINWA supplies treated water. The flooding being experienced in some parts of the country have resulted in the damage of ZINWA pumping equipment making it impossible for the Authority to provide service. As such the areas are either receiving limited water supplies or receiving no water at all. Areas that have been affected include Chivi, Ngomahuru, Mashava, West Nicholson, Esigodini, Maleme, Antelope, Tsholotsho, Nkayi, Ntabazinduna, Kennilworth and Figtree.

ZINWA making frantic efforts to ensure that the situation is rectified within the shortest possible period. Teams have already been dispatched to carry out repairs of various damaged equipment. The Authority appeals to those receiving water to use the available water sparingly and efficiently.

Clients are also encouraged to contact the ZINWA Call Centre in cases of breakdowns, pipe bursts or when they need assistance.

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  1. Jarques Reply

    Good morning, may I ask if you could tell me what the current water level is at Lake Mteri? Thank you

  2. Johannes Chikarate Reply

    Please can you update the Dam levels as on 6th March 2017. In the past month we had been used to be receiving updates every Monday and we were using them to feed into our early warning systems and flooding predictions.

  3. George Reply

    Now some dams that were there in the past are no longer there. I was interested with Siya and Manjerenje

  4. F Zizhou Reply

    I am also interested to know the dam level situation for Manyuchi in Mwenezi.

  5. tariro Reply

    Does zinwa do any research on small reservoirs – the communal variety that are normally a million cubic meters or less?

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