Statement on the water situation in Beitbridge


FEBRUARY 27, 2021

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA)’s attention has been drawn to an article carried by an online paper going by the name Beitbridge Eye regarding the water situation in Beitbridge.

The article places the blame for the water shortages in the border town on ZINWA and goes on to claim that there has been no explanation from ZINWA. No effort to get a comment from ZINWA was sought from the said publication.

With the article appearing to be aimed at stoking the emotions of residents against ZINWA, the Authority is left without any option but to question the motive and agenda of such journalism.

ZINWA, which supplies bulk treated water to Beitbridge Municipality, wishes to inform residents that its system is working perfectly well and has nothing at all to do with the water shortages experienced in the past days.

Instead, the water challenges are emanating from a number of pipe bursts that occurred within the Municipal reticulation system and the local authority has since communicated their position to residents in a public notice dated February 26, 2021.

ZINWA reservoirs are currently full of water which the municipality has failed to take up on account of the pipe bursts which they have been trying to rectify.

ZINWA only stopped water production and pumping into the reservoirs after they filled.

The Authority, hopes that the Municipality will quickly fix the pipe bursts and resume supplies to residents.



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