What is ZINWA?

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority is a wholly Government owned entity tasked with managing the country’s water resources. The Authority was created through the ZINWA Act as part of the Government’s efforts to reform the country’s water sector.

One thought on “What is ZINWA?

  1. Marshal Padenga Reply

    I I am planning on having a borehole drilled for domestic water supply in Lendyview Park, Marondera. I have been to your website and I am pleased with what you are saying you can do for your clients.
    I want a borehole that will never run out water. I suppose this means drilling much deeper. I understand Marondera area it si normally a depth of 50m. In my case I would rather have a 70m depth just to be sure I won’t run out water even in the worst of drought situations.
    I also want a powerful solar pump because I intend to have tanks at a height of 7 meters for better water pressure. My plan is to have possibly 2/3 tanks of 10 ooo litre tanks each setup.
    I don’t want stell frame for the tank stands I want concrete pillars with a concrete slab at the to and the pump and borehole will be housed with a brick wall under the tanks.
    I think I can go into greater details of what I am looking for once someone from your office gets in touch.

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