ZINWA brings smiles to Karoi Old People’s Home

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) recently brought smiles and relief to Karoi Senior Citizens’ Home after donating 20 blankets and an assortment of foodstuffs worth  $85 000.

Seven senior citizens are housed at the home, which is run by the Karoi Town Council.

Manyame Catchment Manager, Eng Justein Mapanzure handed over the donated items to the home on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer, Eng Taurayi Maurikira at a ceremony held on November 30, 2020.

In addition to the blankets and foodstuffs, the Authority also installed a water connection to the home, which had gone for years without running water. The home will also now get free water.

The intervention followed a request to ZINWA by the Karoi Residents Association to help the home which, at the time, had no running water compromising the health and well being of the senior citizens resident at the home.

The Authority also helped spruce up the home, painting the walls and replacing broken windows.

In a speech read on his behalf by Eng Mapanzure, Eng Maurikira said the donation formed part of ZINWA’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

“At ZINWA we have a deliberate corporate social investment policy that recognises the principal role of investing and ploughing back to the communities and societies that we operate in. Among the areas that we intervene in are education, health and water resources management among others. Our firm belief and trust is that by doing these, we are making our mark towards the improvement of humanity and helping transform the lives of the people we would have touched. It is therefore in this spirit that we have made this intervention at the Karoi Senior Citizens Home,” said Eng Maurikira.

Eng Maurikira added that it was important for people and organisations to always extend a helping hand to the elderly.

“Old age brings with it various sensitivities and anxieties that tend to diminish the quality of lives for the elderly. It is therefore our role as the able bodied and economically active to be always extending help and assistance to the senior citizens so that they are able to lead healthy lives free of worry and stress. The elderly are also a key asset for any society as they are always a repository of knowledge, morals and values that serves as the adhesive that holds our societal fabric together. The elderly are also the men and women who sacrificed a lot, sometimes their all, during their time as able bodied people, to create a better society for us and in view of that, we should always feel an urge to make their lives better,” said Eng Maurikira

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