ZINWA launches Call Centre

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) is, with effect from 1 April 2016 and in line with its Client Service Charter and Customer Care Policy, launching a Call Centre with a view to provide standardised, streamlined and uniform service for clients.
This positive development- which marks a new chapter in the implementation of the Authority’s customer relations policy- comes at a time when the Authority has adopted a broad strategic thrust aimed at turning ZINWA into a modern customer centric organisation.
The ZINWA Call Centre will be responsible for both inbound and outbound calls meaning that customers can call in to report problems, register complaints or make compliments while the Authority’s friendly and competent Call Centre Agents will, where necessary, call consumers back advising them of the progress or outcome of their complaints.
Unlike in the past when clients seeking information on water management or any issues relevant to the water sector were often asked to physically visit nearest ZINWA offices, the Call Centre is expected to and will most likely plug this age old communication gap.
It will provide a more convenient, efficient and readily available complaints handling system which, if fully utilised, can go a long way in enhancing sustainability in water management.
The Call Centre will be operational on normal working days (Monday to Friday) during working hours (08:00hrs-16:30hrs) on the following numbers
0867 700 4339
(04) 850 066
(04) 850 261
It is worth noting that the ZINWA Call Centre could not have come at a better time as it is being launched at a critical time in the water sector when the country is experiencing serious water shortage due to the El Nino induced drought.
By ensuring easy access to information, the ZINWA Call Centre will therefore play a pivotal role in the ongoing drought mitigation and water conservation campaign.
The Authority is also of the view that by introducing a Call Centre, customer service can now be delivered far more efficiently and effectively than in the past. So convenient is the Call Centre that it now takes just a phone call for clients to give feedback, register their complaints or ask any question relevant to the water sector.
Needless to say, it is envisaged that the Call Centre will enable the Authority to create a unified approach to dealing with consumer queries and this is known to be one of the best ways not only to improve the service delivery system but also to inspire and sustain consumer confidence.
With reports indicating that telephone usage in Zimbabwe is above 80 percent, the Authority has seen it prudent to create a platform that provides for easy and efficient telephonic interaction with its valued clients.
Over and above keeping the Authority in direct contact with its clients, one of the biggest advantages of this operational unit is that, it also makes it easy to find out what consumers like and don’t like about the way the organisation is being run.
Such feedback is priceless and therefore keenly anticipated. As one would expect, the Authority will use this information to improve areas where clients are complaining about while keeping and further strengthening areas that they are happy with.
Indeed, it can be said with certainty that consumers don’t want to wait long before their complaints, compliments or suggestions are heard.
As the ZINWA Call Centre is being launched, the Authority reiterate its commitment to improve the overall performance and effectiveness of its customer care function and as indicated above, consumers are encouraged to fully utilise this information hub in order to improve their understanding of the water sector in general and the roles and responsibilities of ZINWA in particular.

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  1. simba Reply

    Can i have the email address to the HR department.Thank in advance.

  2. Witness chivhumba Reply

    Can I have your call center number Mutare department .I’m your client paid new water connection since July 25 btw nothing have done so far, I’m residing in Nyanyadzi

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