ZINWA launches Pay, Update and Win Promotion

Pay, Update and Win Promotion - www.zinwa.co.zw

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has embarked on an exercise to collect personal details for its clients as it moves to bring more convenience and customised services to its clients. This is in tandem with its thrust of customer orientation, customer focus and customer experience management.

In an effort to encourage clients to pay their bills and submit their personal details, ZINWA has launched the Pay, Update and Win promotion. In terms of the promotion, clients are required to visit their nearest ZINWA offices where they will complete update forms, providing their details such as mobile numbers, email addresses and physical addresses. Clients who pay and update will automatically qualify to win one of the 50 tablets on offer. Those who only update their details will be eligible to win a number of consolation prizes that include T-shirts, umbrellas, caps and coffee mugs.

Pay, Update and Win Promotion - www.zinwa.co.zw
Pay, Update and Win Promotion – www.zinwa.co.zw

Winners will be announced during the draws to be held in ZINWA’s seven catchments.At the end of the promotion, which is running until May 20, 2018, ZINWA expects to have collected personal details of its more than 80 000 clients across the country.

These details will be used to send clients their bills and payment reminders on their mobile phones and emails, in a move that will bring efficiency in bill and statements distribution. In addition, the details will be used to disseminate, to clients, important and customised information such as planned service interruptions, ZINWA operations in their area, updates on breakdowns, repairs and related information. All these are part of ZINWA’s efforts to bring more convenience to its clients.
Even after the promotion, clients can still update their details.

As such ZINWA clients across the country are advised to submit their personal details so that they can timely receive their bills and other relevant information electronically. Clients in areas that ZINWA supply water can visit their respective stations where they can obtain these update forms. Those clients who cannot visit the stations can also send in their details through the ZINWA Call Centre email and WhatsApp numbers.

Having bills send through clients’ emails and mobile phone will help eliminate some of the issues that have been raised by clients in the past. These issues relate to the late distribution of bills, the lack of communication regarding breakdowns, planned service interruptions and updates on repairs progress. This will, ultimately improve the customers’ experience with ZINWA. It will also save ZINWA hundreds of thousands of dollars in printing costs and the savings can always be channelled towards improving service delivery.

This effort by ZINWA is part of a broad range of interventions that ZINWA is initiating as it moves towards providing cutting edge service and improving client experience. ZINWA already has a strong presence of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook where it provides critical information to clients such as dam levels, important events and dates for the water year. This is in addition to a Call Centre where clients can call or walk-in to submit their complaints and queries. Clients can also make bill inquiries through the Call Centre, from where statements can be emailed to them.

ZINWA has also improved its payment methods with Point of Sale machines at all its stations dotted around the country. Clients can also pay through mobile payment platforms such as Ecocash and more recently through the CBZ Mobile Application, CBZ Touch. Clients are therefore encouraged to take advantage of these platforms to settle their bills while those facing challenges in paying can always submit payment plans.

For more information please contact the ZINWA Corporate Communications and Marketing Department on callcentre@zinwa.co.zw. You can also visit www.zinwa.co.zw or like the Zimbabwe National Water Authority Facebook Page. You can also follow us on Twitter @zinwawater

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