ZINWA to repair Insukamini Irrigation canals

ZINWA Sanyati Catchment has taken delivery of 150 bags of cement donated by the Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Water and Rural Resettlement, retired Chief Air Marshal Perrance Shiri, towards the repair of canals at Insukamini Irrigation Scheme in Lower Gweru.

The delivery fulfils the promise the minister made last week through his deputy, Honorable Douglas Karoro, who was standing in for him at an event held to mark the conclusion of the 3rd edition of the national irrigation competition at Insukamini irrigation scheme.

In a speech read on his behalf, Minister Shiri said in light of the climate change phenomenon, irrigation schemes have become important pillars in government efforts to alleviate poverty and empower rural and marginalized communities, adding that this, however, cannot be achieved without the support and participation of technical partners like ZINWA.

The minister underscored the importance of water management to the attainment of agricultural productivity and implored ZINWA to play a more active role working with relevant government departments and development partners in order to ensure that irrigation schemes are productive.

“Irrigation schemes are an important part of government efforts to ensure food security in the country and I would like to urge the department of irrigation, ZINWA, development partners and several other government departments to help the management committee at Insukamini and any other irrigation scheme so that they can increase productivity,” he said.

The minister applauded Insukamini for doing Midlands Province proud after being voted the most productive and best managed irrigation scheme in Zimbabwe for 2019 and called on other irrigation schemes to take a leaf fromInsukamini.

Interestingly, besides productivity and general management of the scheme, efficient use of water was one of the factors used to select the winner.

Meanwhile, in a development that is set to bring timely relief to the Chiwundura community, Sanyati Catchment this week successfully unblocked the silted outlet valve at Mutorahuku Irrigation Scheme.

In recent years, farmers at the 14 hectare scheme had been forced to scale down operations because of limited supply of water.

Catchment manager Eng Felix Mubvaruri said the Mutorahuku situation had given the catchment sleepless nights for a long time. He saluted his technical team whose innovation carried the day after they used the Groundwater compressor to blow back into the dam thus unblocking the valve.

“All along, the scheme had been siphoning water and this limited the volumes they could access. Thanks to the creativity of our technical team, a Groundwater compressor was used to blow back into the dam thus unblocking the silted outlet works,” he said.

The scheme has 119 beneficiaries

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